Don't Get Ripped Off, Come to Patricia's Hair Salon for Great Service

Don't Get Ripped Off by other normal hair salon, Come to Patricia's Hair Salon for Great Service, we are world class hair salon. We mainly focus you, that is everything you need which is related to hair.

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We have wonderful and the best hair salon reviews for our Patricia's Hair Salon. We would like to say special thanks for our thousands of clients for all of the wonderful words. Here are the sample of some reviews and thanks from our clients.

Patricia's Hair Salon will always focus on you and we have a team of leading experts in the field of extensions. Patricia's Hair Salon specializes on helping you achieve your hair extensions look of your dream at an affordable price.

Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon Reviews as follows

Queen or Princess for the day at Patricia's Hair salon - Emma Granados

I moved to NY about 2 years ago and was looking for a good colorist. My dear friend referred me to Jessica at Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon. The salon is in a great location. I loved the outside waiting area, very relaxing. Inside, the salon is very clean and modern, they offer water & cookies. Patricia is so sweet and I enjoy coming in to get my color done, she takes her time and knows what she's doing. My color always looks natural and vibrant. I trust no one else with my color. The price is pretty reasonable compared to most other salons. I highly recommend Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon for color and just the overall experience at Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon.

Talented Staffs and Excellent Customer Service at Patricia's Hair salon - Samantha Winfrey

Compared to other high end salons this is money well spent. If you are looking for a "deal" this is not the place for you however, if you are looking for PERFECTION than here it is. I have never experienced anything but excellent customer service and a salon staff that goes above and beyond to make sure that their clients are happy and well taken care of from the minute they walk in to the time they leave. Patricia really knows what she is doing, not only when it comes to her own clients, but also when it comes to selecting a talented staff to care to your every need.

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