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Patricia’s Hair Extension Salon always offers highest quality 100 % natural hair extensions. Patricia’s brand of hair starts with choosing the best raw materials around the world. Patricia’s Hair Extension Salon hair experts only use healthy and shiny hair, which will undergo our our extensive control methods to ensure exceptional quality.

At Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon, we have been working hard over the last 20 years to find the best quality hair extensions at the most competitive prices. We have travelled all over the world to Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Argentina, Brazil and Peru to find the most superior quality hair. All our hair is ethically collected and we achieve our competitive prices by locating our factories in foreign countries where we harvest our hair.

Patricia’s Hair Extensions is worn by celebrities all over the world including, known models, musicians, athletes and actresses. It is very versatile and if looked after properly will last up to a year. Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon offers a wide variety of wigs, hairpieces, volume enhancers for thinning hair and hair extensions. Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon understands the importance of your hair and your appearance, offering you a full spectrum of hair complements.

The advanced Patricia’s hair extensions salon system provides the length, volume, and thickness that you are looking to match the modern hair trend. Patricia’s hair extensions are almost easy to apply, affordable and undetectable. Patricia’s Hair Extensions are part of the beauty. It enriches the beauty of a person. A long strong, shiny, healthy hair makes oneself feel proud and good. Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon NY is there to clean away your hair problems. Patricias Hair Extensions Salon NY introduces you to the new world of fashion that completely changes your look.

Patricia’s hair extensions salon use only the highest quality European, Remy and Russian hair for our hair extensions. Our custom coloring blending can match almost any hair color and provides you with fuller, tangle-free, thicker hair that will give your hair natural shine.

Patricia’s hair extensions can be used to achieve your desired color, length and volume. Patricia’s Hair Extensions are awesome because you don't have to wait until your hair grows. Patricia’s hair extensions are perfect as you don’t need to wait and your hair will grow with the wonderful hair extensions.

Also if you have the finest hair naturally, you are gifted to have our amazing hair extensions. There are so many predictions that our Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon is the Best of the Best in New York coz we have well talented stylists who can feel the thing what you feel and provide the best results in hair extensions.

For more than 18 years, since the day we started, Patricia’s hair extensions salon business has done nothing but becoming expert in the field of hair extensions and all types of hair related services and our hair specialists will always desire to maintain our reputation as a top hair extension salon in New York. We are fulfilling the hair extensions needs for the people of New York.

Step into Patricia’s hair Extensions Salon in New York for a stunning look and appearance. Patricia Hair extensions give you the chance to overcome your normal look, those with plain hair can opt for curls and those with curly hair can opt for straight hair.

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